Osprey RC Club Bylaws Addendum (1/21/2010)

AMA & Club cards are mandatory and must be in your possession while conducting any RC activity, no exceptions.

New members

  • Pilot & student must identify flight experience & needs to a safety officer or flight instructor. Before becoming a permanent member you will be voted in by club members and officers in the next field meeting. Must demonstrate good behavior and positive attitude and ability to share with other members.
  • Flying guest shall purchase a temporary flight card for $20.00, which will be credited towards your membership if you decide to become a full time member. Temporary card is good for 30 days only, no exceptions.   
  • What you bring to the field, “you take back”. All flying is at your own risk. Osprey Club is not responsible for any damage cause by a crash to property or person. Refer to: AMA policies on their web site.

Entering the field and Parking

  • At the gate after you come in please close gate but do not lock, if you are the last one leaving for the day please lock the gate. Drive your vehicle to the pit area, unload your gear. 
  • The preferred parking is at the south side of the field along the fence however parking on the north side of the access road near the pit area has been approved by the membership.

Flying rules

  • A Frequency Pin is Mandatory for all Pilots.
  • Student pilots who have not soloed must have the assistance of a qualified member pilot.
  • A new model or repaired one must complete a range check before initial flight.
  • No taxiing of aircraft or hovering of helicopters behind pilot stations. All un-tethered aircraft operations must be North of the pilot stations except for operations in the helicopter practice areas
  • Use of the Pilot Station is mandatory.
  • No erratic flying. If so, you get a free ticket to become a spectator for the day.
  • Dead stick has priority over any aircraft.
  • If you crash, flying activity will resume when you pick up the wreckage.
  • Announce your intentions before takeoff & landings and at any other appropriate time.
  • All fixed wing landings and takeoffs on the runway only, you have two of them & plenty runway length. 
  • No altitude greater than 400 feet. The Homestead AFB Traffic Pattern is directly above our field. Any incursion into their airspace will cost us the right to use our flying field. Glider pilots must be especially careful.
  • Keep your model south of SW 344 Palm Dr. Flying over the racetrack is prohibited. 
  • No flying over spectators, pit area or the parking area.
  • Helicopter Flights by inexperienced pilots and for hovering practice will be made on the areas to the east and west of  the main runway and south of the approach/departure path of the main runway. Please, no incursions into the airport traffic pattern.
  • Helicopter flights by experienced pilots may be made on the main runway by using the following procedures:
    • The helicopter pilot will request the use of the main runway by requesting it from the other pilots.
    • The fixed wing aircraft in the air will finish their flights and all aircraft will yield the airport runway use to the helicopters for their flight.
    • Normal flying will resume after the helicopters have landed.
  • Three D aircraft flights are not compatible with the normal flow of airport traffic:
    • The 3D part of the flight must be limited to the area between the asphalt runway and the first dirt road North of the asphalt runway.
    • The 3D part of the flight must be at high enough altitude for the normal landing/takeoff activities to continue on the grass strip above which they are flying while other aircraft are flying. Avoid midair collisions and pay attention to the layered airspace usage. The landings and takeoffs are below and 3D is above.
    • No 3D Tail Touches or other low altitude maneuvers are permitted while other aircraft are flying.
    • All 3D operations must remain clear of both the upwind and downwind legs of the fixed wing traffic pattern.
  • Very small electric aircraft will be allowed to fly in the helicopter practice areas east and west of the main runway.
  •  Aerobatic Practice may be conducted North of the third east west road North of the runway.  The downwind leg of the regular traffic pattern should be flown south of that road. This procedure will separate the traffic and eliminate the potential of midair collisions when the aerobats are on upwind.


  • No Alcohol, drugs.
  • Control line is welcome however we have designated the south east corner of the field.
  • You and only you are responsible for your kids.
  • Bikes & racecars are prohibited in our field.
  • Keep your area clean, no rubber bands, paper towels, bottle water, etc. on the grounds. 

Field Property

After having several meetings with Homestead-Miami Speed Way Management, they have granted us permission to use the RV parking facility from the racetrack as our flying site. It is imperative that as a member you follow the rules & regulation posted by HMS management, Osprey by laws & AMA.


Our flying field is within 3 miles of an airport so we have a 400ft flight ceiling.  All pilots must advise the tower when the field is active and if you are the last one to leave you must recall the tower to report flying at the field has ceased.