JOE NALL 2017 May 12-20th

A group of members are organizing a trip to Woodruff, SC to attend JOE NALL 2017. This is the premier RC Plane event in the world. If you can take a few days off during may then you owe it to yourself to attend.  If you are going to attend,  looking for a ride or just want advice please call Alex Fernandez 786-486-5726.


MAR 11-12    2017 SNOWBIRD JAMBOREE & FAMILY PICNIC. Hate having to go home after a great day of flying?  Spend the night at the field RV's -CAMPER- TENTS. Cook out Saturday Night- NIGHT FLYING - Friendly laid back weekend at Osprey RC Club with all your fellow members.  On Sunday bring the family for the OSPREY FAMILY PICNIC.

Want to rent an RV?  Osprey RC Club has obtained special rates from "El Monte RV" and Criuse America" to make it easy and affordable for this special weekend.

More news to come.


Our website now has live weather informationavailable by simply clicking the "WEATHER"  icon on then top right. This icon will take you to INTELLICAST weather information for the area around OSPREY RC FIELD.   The same page also offer live data from a real weather station located at HOMESTEAD MOTOR SPEEDWAY. The weather information you receive from this weather is live. The weather station is located just across the street atop the club house at HOMESTEAD MOTOR SPEEDWAY.   Live weather info doesn't get any better than this!  The windsock on the field is only 7 feet above ground while the weather station at HOMESTEAD MOTOR SPEEDWAY is located 137 feet above ground- More accurate information for our pilots!

JOE NALL 2017 Osprey RC members attending

JOE NALL 2017 is just a few months away. JOE NALL is the most incredible RC flying event in the world Hosted by Pat Hartness at the TRIPLE TREE AERODOME in Woodruff, sc. Its a 9-10hr  drive from Miami, FL to Woodruff, SC.   Osprey RC would like to get a group of members together to attend this year. If your interested in attending this incredible event with our group please contact Alex   or call 786-486-5726.

New Flag Pole for OSPREY RC FIEld

Osprey RC Field is getting a new flag pole!! Ole glory will flyover our beautiful runway from now on. The 25' aluminum flag pole will be erected in the next few days.   The flag pole is part of the OSPREY RC beautification program. During the next few months we will be making improvements to our field. We encourage all members to donate their time and their money to the program.


Paul Snow ,who has been the treasurer and organizer of THE OSPREY RC FLYING CLUB for 12 years,   has retired as treasurer this year and has passed the torch on to FRANSISCO "TITO" BENITEZ.   Paul Snow, a founding member of Osprey RC Flying Club, has been instrumental to the success of our club. Paul will continue to be a memberand we will be sure to see him flying his yellow WACO BIPLANE like a bat out of hell for many years to come!!!